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Dry Eye Treatment

The main function of our eye is to provide clear vision. Dry Eye Syndrome can cause great discomfort but has a number of painless treatment options that can greatly improve patients' quality of life.

Overview of Dry Eye

Perfect vision and eye comfort depend largely on the clarity of the front part of the eye - the Cornea. The Cornea should be properly lubricated by a tear film to be smooth and transparent. Unfortunately, with age and because of some general health conditions, the amount of tears produced by the eye and their quality may diminish. This may produce symptoms such as the following:

  • blurry, unstable vision
  • uncontrolled tearing
  • eye burning
  • eye itching
  • redness

These symptoms may constitute Dry Eye Syndrome. It is important to differentiate Dry Eye Syndrome from ocular Allergy, with symptoms frequently overlapping. The diagnosis requires careful determination by an ophthalmologist.


Dr. Svetlana Tsipursky employs her extensive diagnostic skills and newest technology in treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome. Based on the clinical examination, Tear Lab Osmolality test and possibly Ocular Allergy Test the treatment may consist of lubricant eye drops, eye ointments, and food supplements. In advanced cases, prescription drops may be prescribed to increase production of tears and/or punctal plugs may be inserted during an in-office procedure (miniature devices inserted in the lid) to allow tears to stay longer in the eye.

Not infrequently Dry Eye Syndrome is part of the chronic lid inflammation known as Blepharitis and Rosacea skin condition. That may require lid massages, lid scrubs and courses of oral antibiotics.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, call Advanced Eye Care at 847 724 010 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Svetlana Tsipursky and she will do everything to help you.