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LASIK Vision Correction

LASIK is a popular laser eye treatment performed to improve vision and is an exciting alternative to glasses and contact lenses. The fast and painless outpatient procedure could eliminate or significantly reduce a patient's dependence on corrective lenses.

Overview of conditions that can be treated by LASIK

Nearsightedness or Myopia – This is a condition when a patient sees close objects clearly but objects further away are not seen clearly. In that case, the cornea is too steeply curved or the eye is longer than normal, therefore light rays fall in front of the retina, resulting in blurred distant vision.

Farsightedness or Hyperopia - This is when a patient sees objects far away clearly but closer objects are not seen as clearly. Hyperopia occurs if the cornea is too flat or the eye is too short, therefore light rays focus on a point behind the retina causing near vision to become blurred.

Astigmatism - When a patient has blurred vision at all distances, one cause may be astigmatism. Astigmatism is caused by the cornea being shaped like a rugby ball instead of being spherical. Astigmatism produces two different focal points which can blur images at all distances.


Lasic eye treatment works by using an excimer laser to gently reshape the cornea, which is the clear domed front surface of the eye. This helps light images to focus on or near to the retina to improve vision.

Excimer lasers have a cold beam, which breaks down the carbon bonds of the cornea releasing molecules of unwanted tissue. They are very precise, removing approximately ¼ of 1000th millimeter with each pulse of laser energy.

Dr. Svetlana Tsipursky is interested in the patient's long term eye health and determines best treatment after conducting a full eye exam to understand if there are other conditions that should be considered before performing the LASIK procedure. Accordingly, Dr. Svetlana Tsipursky will provide a judicious determination regarding whether laser eye treatment is a fit for a patient. Dr. Svetlana Tsipursky has performed numerous laser eye treatment procedures in the office and Advanced Eye Care employs the latest in LASIK technology and excellent patient care during pre and post op.

Call Advanced Eye Care at 847 724 0101 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Svetlana Tsipursky and she will do everything to help you.