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Adult and Child Treatments

At Advanced Eye Care, Ltd. both adults and children of any age are treated. While some conditions common to children are noticeable such as eye crossing, excessive tearing, or absence of red reflex (absence of a red reflection in the eye in response to light), it is extremely important to have every child examined by the age 3 to 4 years old to detect conditions that are not obvious and have limited windows for corrective treatment, such as Amblyopia.

While a subset of the services described elsewhere in the website also apply to children, a few conditions common to child treatment are described below.



Amblyopia is a condition of decreased vision often without perceptible structural abnormality of the eye. It often goes undetected because the eyes are often aligned without a noticeable “lazy eye” and the vision in the non-affected eye is normal, and may not be detected by parents and primary care physicians. A common type of amblyopia is caused by large or unequal amount of refractive error in one or both eyes. In such a scenario, the visual image from the affected eye is detected by the brain as blurry and the brain “turns it off”.


The earlier treatment is administered, the better, as the condition is not treatable after vision is stable, which generally occurs around the ages of 9 to 10. One treatment option is to prescribe corrective glasses to improve vision in the affected eye; however, glasses alone may not be enough. In such cases, the affected eye is stimulated by occlusion (via patching or dilating drops) of the good eye for several hours a day in order to develop vision in the affected eye.



Strabismus is a condition of misaligned eyes. Types of strabismus include horizontal misalignment which includes esotropia (‘cross eyes’) or exotropia (‘wall eyes’) and vertical misalignment which includes hypotropia or hypertropia.


Strabismus may be successfully corrected in children and adults. Eye muscle surgery is required, which improves not only cosmetic appearance but the eye functions.

Dr. Svetlana Tsipursky has successfully performed adult strabismus surgery for many years and may be reached at 847 724 0101 for a consultation.